4 Cosmetic Procedures That A Dentists Can Do To Make Your Teeth Look Better

There is nothing more important than having a great smile when it comes to meeting people and meeting with future employers. Everyone from strangers to family judge you on your smile. It is human nature to look at someone’s smile the first time you meet them. A smile is one of the best tellers of personal hygiene and an indicator of how well someone takes care of themselves. The sad thing is that people who have developed bad hygiene habits during childhood often times try to fix the problem on their own through better hygiene, but this usually does make the difference needed. That is where a dentist in Richmond can help you because they have a plethora of procedures than can transform your smile into something that you are truly proud of. Below is a list of four major things that can be done by a dentist to drastically improve the situation.

Dentures and Dental Implants

Dentures have long been the gold standard in replacing teeth that have either rotted to the point of extraction or the replacement of the entire tooth set in the mouth.

Correction of An OverBite

One of the most unsightly things that is obvious upon first meeting someone is an overbite. An overbite looks very awkward and can cause the individual suffering from this to have a very low-self esteem.

Discolored Tooth Removal

There are all sorts of things that can cause a tooth to look different than the others. Antibiotics, such as tetracyclines are known to have this effect that targets just a few teeth causing them to look different than the others. This can easily be fixed by a dentist through removal and replacement of existing teeth.

Tooth Caps

Tooth caps are what is used to fill in a chipped tooth. This is one of the easiest procedures in dentistry and change your smile instantly.